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Self Care is an Act of Self Love

Catriona Jones February 2, 2019 0 comments 0

Self care is an act of self love ❤️

We often hear talk of self care, apply your oxygen mask first, you’ve nothing to give if you’re running on empty 😌

I have tbh I didn’t really listen until we had our second child and I was exhausted 😩

I guess I learnt the hard way but a lesson so worth learning 🙏

Today my #selfcare is at the top of my list, I’m number 1 then everything else is ok 👌

Warm baths, flowers, aromatherapy oils, crystals, fragrance, meditation 🧘‍♀️ yoga, gentle walks, good company all feature in my selfcare rituals 🌹

My heart is grateful for the good company of my lovely friend  🙏

Be kind to you today 💋

Building self esteem

You Are Enough

And her beautiful gift of bath salts and doterra oil from her gorgeous spa @thetherapyrooms 👭
#blessed #friendship #selfcare #goodcompany #healingjourney #doterra #mindfulnessatwork #ambitiouswomen #sisterhood

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