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Setting the right goals, the feeling secret

Catriona Jones January 6, 2023 0 comments 0

Goal setting and where to start

Feeling like a failure …

Are you tired of repeatedly setting the same goals very year? Have you lost faith in the potential of a brand new year? Maybe you are feeling a little sickened by the bombardment of positivity on social media. Sometimes the reality of early  January is simply clock watching in order to  gauge when you can have your next caffeine hit. In the meantime, you continue to hang on with your finger nails. Hang in there, don’t give up! The shoots are about to appear.

how to embody the feminine energy

Let’s ground and centre

Let’s find your North again

I have hit my all time pyjama record this month completing a full week of being in my pjs by 8.30pm every night and pulling the duvet over my head to avoid eating anymore (whilst still choking on the Christmas left over cakes, chocolates & crackers). I have got to meet myself with where I am at, find my North again and intermittent fasting still works whilst sleeping lol!

Am I being greedy?

As I see the posts circulating social media – ‘share your word for 2023’ I mutter mine out loud but they’re 2 words, is that a bit greedy? Can I be excused for a bad attitude because we have 2 teenagers at home. A new client shared with me this week, that she stuck the word BALANCE on her vision board last year and that was as far as that got to! What’s the point? We need to find our point, our why and what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Energy goes, where energy flows

Alright, let’s lighten up and allow me to share the facts. It is on us to make it happen and there are  techniques that quicken up your manifesting process, so that you can activate your ‘Word for the Year’. Energy goes, where energy flows. Secret is the feeling to success and we need to connect, to emulate what we desire. Start by embodying your feminine energy of being and connect inwardly with your word. Here is an example;

A few techniques to optimise your goal achievement

  1. Create a sacred space and press pause
  2. Recite your word aloud using a variety of tones
  3. Write your word repeatedly and embody the sensations and energy of the word
  4. Bring to your mind’s eye images, symbols and colour that represents the energy of this word for you
  5. Affirm I AM (insert word)
  6. Journal what that would look like in your ideal reality

I AM Balance


You are welcome to join my FREE upcoming Vision Board event in the ‘Bloom Girl’ group to support your Goal Achievement in 2023. We never have to journey alone, no woman left behind.

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Be still and KNOW that you have got this and remember the world

needs to witness your bloom!



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