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She offered me a street fight … getting rid of negativity

Catriona Jones June 24, 2022 0 comments 0

She offered me a street fight … getting rid of negativity. Can we ever really free ourselves from negative energy? Will there come a time in life when we will not be caught off guard and hit by a toxic bomb? Probably not. We live in a world of contrast and polarity, unable to completely get rid of negativity. Although most of my life today I am surrounded by love, positivity and beautiful souls on this journey of healing and expanding. I am human though and experience contrast too.

Recently I attempted to resolve a situation and find a level playing field with some one that had a completely different model of the world and let’s just say another way of sorting things out. A stark reminder that every day we are faced with making decision and choices around the energy we allow into our world. Dr Phil formulated the most simple question of discernment 

Does this contaminate or contribute to my beautiful life?

I actually believe if we are not experiencing discomfort, then we are not growing! However, I think we can minimise the damage and chaos along the way. Raised consciousness and being fully present in the moment is the best way to harness the personal power to respond to a challenging or unexpected situation and not react from the wounded child.

How much energy to you have in your tank?

If we are running on empty, it’s all over but the crying. I call that a red tent day and best to keep company with yourself! Lol It is actually a form of self care to take care of your needs and lovingly fill your cup up! Self care is an act of self love and in my ‘Bloom Girl’ book I share self-care 101.

Ask yourself this …

What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today and start there.

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