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1-1 Coaching


1-1 Coaching What makes your heart sing? What does the perfect day look like? Are you confident in all situations? Allow me to bring out the best version of you. Align with your goals and really move along and make lasting changes. I will also provide you with great tools to empower you to become your own personal Coach day…

Aura Healing Treatment


Aura Healing The Aura Healing Treatment will evoke a sense of relaxation, heightened energy, general wellbeing and a boosted immune system. This session takes you into a process of balancing and cleansing the aura, and repairing holes within the auric field. There are various reasons such holes are created, for example, stress, unhealthy living, surgery, negative energy from external sources,…

Life Activation Treatment


Activate the Magical You Awakening the Divine Within Life Activation Treatment Healing Treatment What is it? 🌺 ❤️This is the 22-strand DNA Activation that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self. ❤️Simply put, the Life Activation is a powerful healing modality that enables you to access your potential in life and allows you to see and…

Life Purpose Reading


In the beginning of this life, each of us orchestrated with God (whoever you choose that to be for you) a life purpose. There is a divine gift that each of us has to share with the world and serve. Do you feel off track in life? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Is your heart sad or heavy? Does life feel…

Meditation and the Menopause Workshop


Many women suffer from pre, peri and post menopausal symptoms. These can range from hot flushes, palpitations, aching joints, mood disturbance, anxiety and insomnia. Research has shown that Meditation and Mindfulness can have positive benefits in reducing such troubling symptoms. In this workshop we will explore symptoms inherent to our culture and tools to support this stage of the feminine…

Platinum Package


Life Purpose Guidance Ancestral Healing Wealth Consciousness Alignment Family Constellation   £1200


Purposeful and Free 90 Day Coaching Package

£1,200.00 £600.00

Imagine waking up every morning excited for your day! Loving your work, not having to worry about time and money or what other people think of you. This 90 day coaching package will empower you to get crystal clear about your work and confident about your service. Are you ready to up level and play bigger in the world This…

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