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Stay In Your Heart This Christmas

Catriona Jones December 18, 2018 0 comments 0

I have to be honest I love Christmas but I love it on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Cosy pyjamas, cinnamon candles and a warm crackling fire with the Christmas gifts neatly wrapped under the tree. A wee spot in our family crib awaits the baby Jesus. It is a beautiful season, time to relax and spend time with loved ones, reflect on the year just passed and plan for the new year ahead, affirming as usual for the best year ever. Is peace and joy the only over arching experience at Christmas? Am I alone observing the increase of drama and intensity of sadness and pressure? Are we constantly comparing and wondering does the perfect family exist when the reality is that everyone has ‘their stuff’. Or is the experience for many that the ‘pain body’ comes out to party, feeds the negative emotion and leaves a huge aftermath of hurt.

In lovely Derry Christmas is getting earlier for us, with the first of the Christmas decorations making an appearance just after Halloween. How do we keep the balance, enjoy the festivities and stay positive. The greatest gift we can give ourselves any day of the year is the gift and the joy of Being. The most important relationship we can nurture is our relationship with the Now. We have the power to decide whether we go with the flow of events and accept all that is or go against flow and be a slave to the ego. If we choose to let go of stress, impatience and frustration life will be full of peacefulness and contentment. Do not give your happiness away this Christmas and remember that everyone is on their own journey and in their process. Other people’s negative treatment towards you is actually nothing to do with you. When people act out they are coming from a wounded place of fear. The Truth is that all any of us want is to be accepted and loved.

Know you are loveable and deserve a beautiful life. Embrace and honour your relationship with the Now and with You. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others this festive season and feed off happiness. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Wishing you peace in your beautiful heart this Christmas, 

Catriona xx

‘Instead of Blaming the Darkness, You bring in the Light’ – Eckhart Tolle


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