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Stress Management at Work

Catriona Jones February 20, 2020 0 comments 0

Are you suffering from overwhelm, maybe even up at night with work politics in your mind. I know how you feel, I was that burnt out distracted professional once upon a time! Living in my head and bringing work home emotionally every evening …. oh my poor husband!

I was drained and running on empty until I decided to take my power and life back!

I love my work today and all I do is wholeheartedly share these universal and proven Zen tools and techniques to manage stress in bitesize useful ways! Maybe it’s the teacher in me but sometimes huge chunks can just contribute to more overwhelm. My step by step, moment by moment Zen programme works and can effortlessly be embedded into YOUR every day routine.

Are you ready to break up with stress?

image of woman on a beach with life purpose

Stress Management Coach

What are the benefits of Zen Coaching?

Sometimes in life we can feel a little stuck and we have a yearning for something more. We know we are capable and can achieve it but resist the next step. There can be a variety of reasons to why we are still not manifesting the stress free life, the perfect job, better health, abundance or harmonious relationships; it can be conscious and unconscious.

Zen coaching empowers you to become aware of your resistance and what might be getting in the way of your contentment and achievement. The 1-1 coaching creates a safe space for you to explore your triggers and provides tools and techniques to create a paradigm shift within you.

How we see, understand and interpret the world has a direct impact on the outer world we create and manifest around us and the quality of the life we experience.

How do you view the world?

It supports you to instil daily Zen habits and rituals that build resilience to deal with challenges at home and work that can be energetically and emotionally draining.

The Zen Coaching Framework has 4 Component Area for Development

1. Personal

– Values, attitude and action.

Increased awareness of your triggers and challenges with tailored tools and techniques to overcome and dissolve them.

2. Interpersonal

– Integrity & meaningful relationships with others

Building resilience to create more harmony within, at home and work.

3. Leadership

– Goals, vision & desired outcomes.

Creating win-win situations and working from a place of authenticity.

Meditation is key to Balance

4. Environmental

Organising time, events & spaces

Embedding order into your everyday life with Zen tips to optimise achievement.

Come along and join my group of Zen Professional Women here …..

The Zen Coach meets you where YOU are at and tailors the coaching programme to empower your growth and development.

You can take control of your life and accept ZEN as your natural state of being!

I used to be all over the place myself but today I am much more ZEN, thanks to these universal and timeless tools!

Be more ZEN, you’ve got this my lovely,
Much love Catriona xx

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