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Surviving Family Christmas

Catriona Jones December 28, 2022 0 comments 0

“If you think you’re enlightened,
go back home for Christmas” Ram Dass

No matter how old one might be or healthy you might feel, when re connecting with family during the festive holidays we can find ourselves regressing to the ‘old emotional home’. We simply get triggered …

This can be most unsettling to manage, on top of all the other indulgences at Christmas time. How can you create a little wiggle room physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually? The last thing we want to do is get on the downward spiral of self pity and resentment. Remember this, resentment kills.

The art of journaling 

In ‘Bloom Girl’ I highly recommend the art of journaling to feel, express and release. Give it to your journal my lovely and create that sacred space of  bliss within, for your self care. I experience a great sense of lightness following my journaling and deeper connection with the quietness within. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the God of your coach Derry

It is from  a place of intentional journaling, connection and stillness we get to experience inner peace, harmony and the pay off can be freedom. A realignment with creativity, free-spiritedness and curiosity, about the world around us.

Just pick up the pen

surviving family Christmas

I love Santa

And, if you are wondering where to start with journaling? Simply begin by writing I feel … then let your pen flow, without judgement. The ritual of gratitude will raise your vibration, every time! A grateful heart cannot be angry. Make a conscious decision to include the practice of gratitude at least twice a day in your journal. If you need support with your daily disciplines and rituals, more help is here, click link below.

Support for establishing daily rituals

Let it go, declutter the mind, shake the dust from your heart and get your walking shoes on!

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