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Working with Catriona ignited my passion again giving me the nudge, and motivation to finally follow my desire to design and create my own Self Development Business. I was able to identify barriers to my growth, overcome them and celebrate the distance travelled.

Annmarie Houston, Community Network Officer of Blind People, Derry


I am clear about my purpose in life. Free from the stress of the corporate world and excited about my future. I love being my own boss and feel back in control of my life once again, balancing work and family life. Catriona really helped me step out of my comfort zone into the magic and instil a more positive inner dialogue.

Avril Mc Monagle, Early Years Expert, Donegal


I was a successful busy corporate lawyer working in London but struggled with home life balance and felt lost and isolated. Catriona helped me get back on track with my life. It is thanks to her inspiration and coaching I now run my own business that is growing from strength to strength. My personal life and inner contentment is transformed. Nowadays I can ‘right myself ‘with the tools Catriona has taught me.

Aly Young, Lawyer, London


I was so lost without any clarity of purpose and lacked confidence in my ability to achieve. I knew I wanted to manifest more income and flexible working hours. Working with Catriona and enrolling on Purposeful and Free has given me great clarity on my life purpose and helped me land my dream job as I ambitiously design my own business. I feel confident and free.

Danielle Higgs, Finance Consultant, Manchester


Working with Catriona was like confidence boot camp for me. I have learnt as a busy mum how to focus on my life and create healthy boundaries, holding steadfast to my goals. I am more motivated than ever in life.

Marie Mc Monagle, Healthcare Worker, Derry


Catriona’s coaching guided me step by step to focus on the direction of my goals and has given me great clarity. I have confidently created my own business and I am so ready to continue my journey to manifesting my perfect life.

Nicola Rutherford, Designer, Donegal


Catriona really helped light my spark again. I feel a great sense of peace and purpose now. My self – awareness is turned on and I am developing all the time. I can relax and enjoy the journey of life.

Jackie Love, Palm Beach, Florida



“My experience working with Catriona was beautiful, healing and transforming. I feel light and free, overcoming fatigue and low energy.

Catriona supported me in stepping into my power, building my confidence up with a more positive money mindset and magical money manifestations along the way!

The inner child healing work has soothed my heart and set me free. A great comfort and blessing for me.”

Patricia Breslin, Mental Health Coach



“Finding my inner child and learning to communicate with her has been transforming. I definitely feel more content, positive and excited for the future. I benefited so much from Catriona’s support, new skills she taught me and encouragement and will continue to use the ‘Bloom Girl’ toolkit to grow more.

I now totally understand why my life was the way it was, causation was within. Now I get to recreate.

I am feeling confident in myself and business, relaxed and focused.

Joanne Brown, Crafty Teddies



“Bloom Girl is a powerful testament to one women’s spiritual awakening. Catriona clearly has a natural gift and ability to clarify the accumulative causes of suffering in women, releasing stagnant destructive thinking patterns and equips the reader with the wisdom and life changing tools we need to look at ourselves and others. Catriona’s honesty of her own transformational journey to self love and acceptance is both deeply moving and inspiring. I truly believe she has created a unique empowering language of her own that not only Irish women will relate to and embrace but also women all over the world.”

Bronagh Gallagher, Singer & Actress



“Today I enjoy silence and allow myself to relax. ‘Bloom Girl’ has built my confidence so much, inspiring me to clear my negative mindset and raise my standrds to better myself.

Working with Catriona has taught me how to relax and bring more balance to my busy family &. work life with the ZEN tools. I’m more passionate that ever about my work.”

Bernie Mc Daid, Aesthetics Practitioner



“I love Catriona’s energy. She has really helped me manage overwhelm and create more zen and balance in my life. The tools she shared, helped me right myself again and again.

Catriona is inspirational and is just amazing at her work. I felt empowered to step into my authentic self.”

Aly Young, Lawyer London



“Catriona was a wonderful coach during our time together. I trusted her judgement and wisdom and as a result I was able to understand, process and move on from a major challenge my life.

At the time I didn’t think it was impacting my business, but wise Catriona could see that it was. I am so grateful to Catriona and the time we spent working together. If you want a coach and mento in your corner then Catriona is the woman for you.”

Johanna Scullion, HR Mentor



“Connecting with Catriona has been a gift. As cliche as it sounds, I have bloomed. The energy in each session is mind blowing- I leave feeling exhilarated, inspired and ready to conquer the world. Even my instagram has a whole new lease of life, with a professional face lift.

If you want to wake up, believe in yourself and value your worth and offering, Catriona is the lady you need in your life. Every girl deserves to bloom”

Ciara, Shining Stars, Mindfulness for Children



“The workshop helped me reaffirm the money stories I had in my head and Catriona even worked through it wit me where I found a lovely release from it. The advice around how  I start my day was very impactful on me and has made me slow down and focus on my goals for the day, rather that being sucked in my social media, the news or procrastinating.”

Mari Therese, Branding Consultant & Design, Donegal



“I have been so blessed to have had Catriona as my coach before, during and since my recent business start-up. Catriona was there for me week by week encouraging and supporting me to be the very best I could possibly be.

Catriona has equipped me with so many tools and the confidence to take my business in any direction I wish an I know it will be a success! I would recommend all female business owners to have Catriona by your side also.”

Alison Mitchell, Beechdale Admin & Support




“An insightful workshop. It got me thinking about the belief systems and my insecurities with money which were passed through generations.

It helped me to focus and change my relationship with how I view money. I now see it as an exchange of my energy.

I am now more confident & knowing that I am worthy of an abundance of money.

I am excited for the future in my business!

Thank you Catriona.”

Hayley Morton, Guided Soles Reflexology


“Inspirational, empowering and transformative, a 3 hour workshop for anyone needing to shift their mindset around money.

Catriona will guide you to find you golden nugget.”

Andrea Jennings, Holistic Therapist Teacher & NI Distributor for Zephorium





“Catriona, your presence is so calm and inclusive throughout the session. The course helped me feel centred, encouraged me to ‘trust the process’ and most of all, diminish self doubt. I would definitely recommend.

I found it very beneficial and felt it helped me align to my goals and have a much clearer vision of the future.”

Jennifer Nelson, Travel Counsellor, Belfast


“When you attend a Money Mindset Workshop with Catriona Jones & put into action what’s taught… be prepared for phenomenal results. The course content and it’s delivery is right up there with one of the best trainings I chose to attend & what I manifested within 48hrs was incredible.”

Maria Young, Well Being Consultancy


“I had a breakthrough in this workshop. It was absolutely incredible. Catriona helped me uncover a huge limiting belief, detecting something in my story that keeping me stuck! I stepped into TRUST.”

Bernadene, Motivational Coach, New York


“Catriona has given me the confidence to up level my game in my business. I feel totally aligned with my purpose, she has great intuition. Catriona has supported me emotionally and spiritually through this personal growth and as a result I am making more money than ever in my business.”

Denise Leacock, Photography & Branding


“Catriona gets to the root of your money blocks. She helped me create my signature package which has since transformed my business and tripled my income.

Without a doubt Money Mindset Coaching has been my best investment!

I highly recommend investing in yourself with Catriona. She has been instrumental in me setting new boundaries in my life. I now love my work-life balance.

Natalie Nugent, Holistic Fertility Therapist



“Catriona Jones is a fantastic example of the power of women in business. She is now in the position as a role model herself, inspiring women and girls both here in Derry, but also representing Derry Businesses on the global stage.”

Tara Nicholas, Business Development Officer Derry & Strabane


“Catriona’s positive energy and playfulness were a delight at the Heal Your Life trainings she attended with me. In this book, she shares her personal journey and all the wisdom she has gained over the years with warmth, humour, and authenticity. She offers you the insights and tools to accept your own greatness and step boldly into the world. Are you ready?”

Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D, Heal Your Life Master trainer


“Catriona’s passion to support women and work with them to realise their full potential shines through. Spending today in her company offered me an insight into the inspiring changes that can be made in the lives of others by embracing our own unique skill sets and placing them at the forefront of our business activity can have huge benefits.”

Graham Warke, Mayor of Derry