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The secret to manifesting

Catriona Jones April 3, 2022 0 comments 0

Today I want to share with you something that is really helpful to know if you are in the business of manifesting. The reality is that we are manifesting all the time.

Very often, what I witness in my clients and from my own personal story when I wasn’t get the results that I wanted and when I wasn’t manifesting the outcome that I wanted.

This really is about us leading from a place that is the masculine energy.

In my book ‘Bloom Girl’, I describe this as being like this sperm. The reason I use this analogy is because everything in life represents our laws of the universe also.

So if we think of a moment about the sperm and the masculine energy of the sperm just heading in the direction of its target.

Very often in our own personal manifestation story we come from that standpoint. This is because we have been conditioned to do so.

We live in a patriarchal world, with a society that is led by patriarchy. By the beliefs and the systems of patriarchy. Our education system, and most work systems can come from a place of patriarchy.

This is a place of a direct energy, a power over energy, a control in energy, a thrust in energy. It is pushing and it can feel overpowering.

It’s destructive actually when it’s not directed and used from a heartfelt place.

So I want to help you a little bit with your manifesting. I want to share with you what really works.

What is the secret to manifesting?

In actual fact it is the secret to manifesting because it’s that remembering that it’s from the feminine energy we create and we birth.

Now we still need the masculine so we’re not abandoning that. We’re not ignoring it, we’re not disregarding the power of that divine inspiration. But we’re getting really honest about how those energies need to be balanced.

They don’t need to be 50 50, we do need both to create.

So I make a compelling case for you in the bloom girl philosophy to embody the feminine.

Start here in this soft grounded centered place. This is where I manifest from, this is what the laws of the universe teach us, this is the clients that I have that get the best results. They are the ones that surrender to that struggle, that push, that competition with millions of sperm.

There’s only one lucky one and park that for a moment and be in your feminine.

So rather than acting as the sperm, we’re going to be the egg.

From this place we remember that we are a radiant goddess, we are a queen, and all the power that ever was is right here now.

What does that feel like?

So we’re coming out of the mind and into the heart. We’re connecting with this being and that is why one of my freebies is your morning rituals routine.

So we are connecting with the body, we are being still, we are going within and we are setting intention from a heart felt space.

We go within to the sacred place, we connect with our knowing, we set intentions of what we would love – heartfelt desires, what would I really love?

How am I going to show up in the world? What service or contribution am I going to give in order to receive?

The intention is heartfelt, the vibration is felt in the intention, by the sense of feeling and the visualization the imagining in your mind’s eye, and the work is done from this place.

Then we get to call in that lucky sperm because from this place of knowing our psychic abilities are heightened, our intuition expands and we take inspired action.

We decide on two or three things then that we can do to nurture and nourish the seeds that we’ve planted, so that we can see those shits appear, we can trust that it’s happening, divine order divine timing and you are certain to bloom and flourish and we only need to do a few things.

I encourage you to remember the secret to manifesting, the secret to manifesting is embodying the feminine energy.

Download your morning rituals planner and make a conscious decision to be present to you first thing in the morning, to connect emotionally with feeling, with your soul, to your goals to the outcome that you want.

Then and then get that fire in your belly and say right this is what I’m going to do to manifest and make this happen.

You can get my ‘Bloom Girl‘ book on amazon and I talk very openly hopefully in a way that supports you in understanding the feminine and the masculine energy.

I love this work and when we give ourselves permission to remember the truth of who we are, to clear any programming that is not in alignment with that, and to know that it is safe for us to embody the feminine energy, to take inspired action and master the masculine energy and then we get to create our queendom.

Are you ready?

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