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the thing that scares you, you must study

Catriona Jones November 2, 2022 0 comments 0

Personal development tells us this, the thing that scares you most – is the thing that you must study!

I can remember the exact day that this ‘aha moment’ landed for me, with the teaching of Money Mindset. I knew deep within me that this was purposeful work for the rise of all women. Including my own ancestral healing. The two most challenging and taboo subjects for women, have got to be sex and money, right? Well, I love a challenge so it’s game on.

If you are not part of the revenue, you are not part of the decision making

Money Mindset Coach

It’s game on!

Who was the bread winner when you were growing up and who controls the drawstrings to the money bag today in your life? I love to empower women to value their worth and take full responsibility for their finances because that equates with choice, decision making and freedom. I have created  a money breakthrough workbook that offers an opportunity to rewrite your money beliefs. A deep dive into your old money story to reframe with positive money affirmations and mantras to create more abundance in your life. I want you to have a copy so you can have your next big money breakthrough.

Grab your copy here my lovely, my gift

Your FREE Money Breakthrough Workbook

Are you claiming your spot at the table and committed to raising your financial frequency in the world and re writing the money story for all women. ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’ , Know you are worthy of your heartfelt desires and embody that Truth every day with my 101 Abundance affirmations here

101 Money Affirmations 

Never be afraid to bloom my lovely, abundance is your birthright.

Much love

Catriona x


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