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This shame … it’s too heavy to carry.

Catriona Jones June 17, 2022 0 comments 0

This shame … it’s too heavy to carry.

Have you ever felt guilty about desire? Get a sense that others might be judging you harshly, as they frown upon your opulent taste and thirst for more success? If so, you are not alone and you are my lovely, in very good company. In the presence of a fellow Queen building her Queendom.

The naysayers often say …

‘Be happy with your lot’

‘I am happy with just enough’

‘Money is corrupt’

‘It’s not about the material things’

These are just a few of the shaming comments.

Expressed loosely and that are hurtled at the over achievers, high achievers, go getters and big dreamers. When we simply want to honour the innate expansion of the soul and live our best life.

This week on social media I have been speaking about the challenges we face at times as over achievers. I have first hand personal experience of feeling guilty and ashamed for wanting more …

The Truth is:

Our vision and expansion can make people feel uncomfortable and shine a light on their shadow. All humans innately need to grow to experience fulfilment in life. However, if one is feeling stuck, they do not always want to witness the bloom of another. It is from this viewpoint that we may experience a projection of criticism and fear. Their fear of not feeling enough in the world.

I hereby give you full permission to honour your heartfelt desires and know that you are deserving of them all and more. Learning to love and accept the achiever, approval seeker and the girl that is constantly raising the bar can be a bumpy ride but it takes more energy to live your life through someone else’s model of the world and version of who you ‘should’ be.

Never abandon you or give up on your dreams. We no longer have to feel ashamed about being driven, hungry and ready to take it to the top. It’s game on ladies … fire it up. Let that shame sh*t go.

Get one big shovel, clear the shame, it’s too heavy to carry around any more and it absolutely stinks.

A gift for you as you journey to the top and embody your Goddess Within,

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“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human.” –Brene Brown

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