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Using EFT tapping technique to manage overwhelm and anxiety.

Catriona Jones December 23, 2021 0 comments 0

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT Tapping

I love the emotional freedom technique (EFT) to start the morning clearing process.

EFT is also known as the tapping process and is based on Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology.

It works when one taps on specific meridian points of the body and clears any blocks in the energy system. It does this by altering your brain, energy system, and body all at once.

This positively impacts your physical emotional, and mental well-being.

The practice varies from tapping to energise or lift your mood to tapping through a variety of emotions or traumatic memories. It can also help bring to light any subconscious limiting beliefs that might be blocking your goal achievement.

As with all of these well-being techniques, it is vital that we take full responsibility for our own well-being and seek professional experts for support if necessary.

When you begin the EFT tapping, it can feel strange as we begin with a set-up statement which can sound and feel negative. However, the whole point of the exercise is to clear this negative energy and any repeat thinking patterns.

We snap them at the root causes, at the deep cellular level.

Louise Hay often said if we are going to clean the house, we need to know where the dirt is.

Tapping three to five points on the meridian points is recommended, and completing about five cycles. You can simply repeat the same phrase or create a script.

Before I begin a tapping routine, I like to encourage my clients to take 3 deep breaths and measure their emotions on a scale of 1 to 10. We measure it on what I refer to as the Zenometer.

Tapping is a great wat to energise and set up the body for a deeper meditation practice. You can tap whilst absolutely anywhere. It is simple and painless, you can apply it to yourself.

EFT Tapping affirmations

I can help you with EFT

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