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What have I achieved in life?

Catriona Jones November 19, 2023 0 comments 0

What’s it all about?

What have I achieved in life? What is my legacy? A  few questions many people might ask.
And many of us asking it within a network I belong to, this week in particular, lots of apathetic questions circling in the air … And what we are really asking is this – Am I worthy? Am I good enough?
It’s been a sad week for us all in the The Mums at Work Network as we said farewell to Founder, Mentor & dear friend Sinead Norton. who lost her battle to cancer. Sinead was selfless in her role of service to others. She was always available to help, support and share her precious time and advice to thousands of women. She understood the gift of giving and wanted everyone to do well.
Business Coach Derry

Sinead Norton Founder of the Mums at Work

Sinead was courageous and practical to the very end, leaving myself and others uplifting voice notes, just weeks before she passed away. Being able to hear her voice and tell her that I loved her was her final gift to me ( amongst so many others). Sinead left a very strong legacy and had a connection with over 5000 women in her network!
Unfortunately, it takes the shock of an inspirational life to end, to evoke the stark reminder that we are on a short journey. Life is precious. And my husband likes to joke ‘no one is getting out alive’.
I giggled today as I consciously reflected on how Sinead might symbolise for me a delegate little bird, signs from above, supported by the poem that was read out at her funeral mass.
As I pondered this today, a large seagull bird landed on my car bonnet with an almighty thump, there she is I thought – Sinead small but powerful energy! Sinead was a trail blazer and we all loved her for that, because she showed us how to get things done.

Sinead’s inspirational life, devotion to her family and MAW community challenges us to positively reflect. Maybe even prioritise and keep it real! An opportunity to take the next positive step & do the next right thing! For everyone …


Life Coach Derry

Sings from heaven above

It’s easy to judge ourselves on the lack of achievement & legacy however we can create the balancing act of gently reminding ourselves of the good bits too. Self sabotage can be exhausting and Sinead always taught us how to believe in ourselves!
I think to be fair, it is an opportune time to ask what is it all about and appreciate the gift of life. Ponder your positive traits today, YOUR talents & accomplishments. Do not allow the greedy mind to take you down the dark hole of negativity. Keep the balance
Complete the positive affirmation for YOU today!
I AM …
Let’s gather and affirm one another, complete together the balancing act of self praise.
Looking forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday night for @mumsatworkni ELEVATE and you are also invited to join me for brunch this Saturday online or in person, link here👇

Keeping Sinead’s husband Chris and their children and grandchildren in our thoughts and prayers for the days ahead.

of quiet birds in circled flight

Life Coach Derry

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