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What is Self Love?

Catriona Jones October 31, 2019 0 comments 0

Self love is an appreciation of oneself, it grows from actions we take to love and honour our mind, body and spirit. Self care is an act of self love improving your relationship with yourself and empowering you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Self Esteem Coaching

Fall in love with you!

In my coaching practice I encourage my clients to build a self care toolkit that supports their journey of self love. In learning to love and approve of ourselves more deeply everything else in life falls into place.

Can self love be the silver bullet?

More on my thoughts here

Small every day gestures can support our healing journey and build our self esteem.

Some of my favourite self love

Self care

Choose happy nourishing thoughts!

habits 🌹

Morning gratitude

A nutritional meal

Positive Mirror Work Affirmations

A relaxing bath

A spa massage

Get crystal clear on your selfcare toolkit and you will be well on your way to –


Letting go of the past


Building your self esteem


Releasing anger


Forgiving yourself and others


Attracting more harmonious relationships


Living life stress free

If you would like to know more about working with me, get on a discovery call today!

Much love

Catriona 💕




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