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What is the Feminine Energy?

Catriona Jones March 18, 2022 0 comments 0

Today I want to answer an important question: What is the Feminine Energy?

Are you living in your head?
Embracing and embodying our divine feminine energy will therefore empower us to ‘be’ and enjoy the bliss of trusting 🌷💗

The Feminine Energy:

  • Yin: The feminine energy is referred to as yin and includes intuition, imagination, nurturance, gentleness, creativity as well as power.
  • Water: It is usually thought of as water, soft and flowing. The yin energy expresses her emotions, is unafraid to feel, receive and also let’s go when required.
  • Moon: She lives in accordance with the natural cycles of life such as the moon. The feminine energy needs a time to rest, inspire, create in addition to refining.
  • The Goddess Within: In the ‘Bloom Girl’ philosophy, I refer to her as your ‘Goddess Within’ the divine feminine power within all women that KNOWS. We connect deeply with her in our stillness as well as being. She whispers like a cool breeze.
  • Gaia: I often call her Gaia, Mother Gaia. She is a safe harbour in any storm, nurturing as well as trusting, she is the divine order and ebb and flow we witness in nature. Embrace and embody her my lovely… she awaits you always.

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Guided Meditation Bundle 1 Overview

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