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Where’s my crown, canny find my Queendom

Catriona Jones June 3, 2022 0 comments 0

We all get days when we feel far removed from our Goddess and Queen sovereignty and sometimes cannot catch a glimpse of the hidden warrior within, the truth of who we really are. We question, Where’s my crown, canny find my Queendom? Guess what, we’re all human and we are cyclical. Looking in as we are designing and crafting our best life on social media and feeling like everything is caving in ‘behind the scenes’ …. the dirty bin, smelly over stacked dishwasher, piled up laundry basket and peri menopausal belly. It’s all going on … including the repeat negative thinking patterns.

My peri menopausal journey

can be very messy at times. If you can relate, I promise I am not spying on you, cross my heart. However, I do get it, the reality is not always pretty and sometimes it can be messy before it becomes elegant, so keep going. Nothing stays the same and energy really is moving and changing all the time. 

Do you remember what I say in ‘Bloom Girl’? order is the number one rule of heaven. And breathe my lovely … you’ve got this.

I read a lovely quote today, it went like this,

The moon teaches me:

 It’s okay to go through phases

The sun teaches me:

 No matter how many times

You go down, you can keep rising


Press pause and get intentional. I have created my brand new Female Empowerment Guided Meditation Series to support you and empower you to hit that reset button and minimize the drama and chaos in your busy life! Align and embody your feminine energy of divine flow to manifest TODAY! 


Are you ready to bloom, embody your feminine energy and flourish?

Guided Meditation is here, instant calmness at your finger tips, click here.


Straighten your crown my lovely and build your Queendom …

Much love 

Catriona xx

Where's my crown? Catriona Laughing at an event

Learning to laugh at myself has served me well


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