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Why Women Bully Women and How We Can Break the Chain

Catriona Jones March 31, 2019 0 comments 0

Mothering Sunday is the perfect day to reflect and celebrate our loving and nourishing qualities 💕 At our best, we as women are unstoppable!

Raising Girls

Parenting from the Heart

We have the creativity, power and wisdom to guide and nurture our offspring. Yet our ‘ Queen Bee’ maintality can make bullying of one another a daily reality for many of us.

With so much love in our hearts, why then do we bully each other? Happy girls and happy women do not bully. What causes such unhappiness that we set out to disempower?

Self esteem for girls

Building self esteem

The work of Dr Cathy Higgins recognises  the impact Patriarchy has had on dehumanising both men and women. This makes sense and women particularly have been subjected to inequality. Women hold few positions of power, therefore the power struggle between women themselves unfolds. Women often feel unsupported at home and work by male dominance therefore in their vulnerability  ‘turn on each other’.

Patriarchy is a huge system that needs

Nurture your daughter

Building a Sisterhood

dismantled but how can we create some breathing space in the meantime as we endeavour to break the chain of women bullying one another and create a sisterhood.

The question each of us must ask ourselves is the one of:

Am I loved and secure?

Every word we speak, gesture we make, gaze sent out, sends out a signal of how we view ourselves. A reflection of our inner world.

Research has shown that when girls do not experience a strong bond and open emotional relationship with their mother, they are likely to bully.

Female bullying tends to be more territorial and ‘relational bullying’ – excluding one another  socially, gossip, ridiculing ambition, belittling achievement, stealing ideas/ clients in work. All amplified by social media and highlighting the bully’s low self worth.

Keeping yourself safe

Mend the sisterhood

Every girl needs a tribe

When the subject of unwanted behaviour from another women is causing pain or your daughter is experiencing bullying, the way to heal is self love. Bring the attention and focus inwards to self care and nurturing oneself.

Self love is a massive power source. When we learn to heal any emotional wounds of childhood whether from parental abuse, mother/daughter bullying, sibling or school, we clear up our own energy field.

Childhood criticism and unkind words can impact self esteem and cause low confidence. Inner Child Healing rebuilds self worth and resilience. It’s almost like energeticly hanging up a ‘No Bullying Here’ sign! We no longer become victims and leak vulnerability but honour our vulnerability in a safe space.

Build self worth, know you are enough and there’s plenty for all. Break the patterns of unwanted aggressive behaviour.

The world is abundant and plentiful. The power is in unity. We come into the world with special talents for a reason –  to share them. The law and order of the universe would not create unwanted gifts. Trust the flow of life and your place in the world.

Self love coaching

Self love is the power source

Detach from aggressive people/behaviour and be compassionate in your heart towards the bully. They are lacking love in their life and holding on to old wounds.

Stop criticising yourself and others and know we have the power to be kind, praise one another, make a difference, mend the sisterhood and end women’s bullying.

Let it begin with your own personal self love because you are worth it!

You are enough. Holding this knowing for you beautiful lady, until you are ready to do so yourself.

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Much Love

Catriona x

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