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Women Supporting Women

Catriona Jones September 24, 2022 0 comments 0

What does women supporting women even mean? This is a popular hashtag branded around social media and I thought it might be helpful to ponder this question. I have just facilitated a female empowerment workshop and witnessed once again the miracles that happen when we lean in and hold space for one another. The core intention of my ‘Bloom Girl’ philosophy is about creating a safe space for women to trust and step into their story. Telling our story from a true authentic heart to a non judgmental listener, has the potential to set us free from past hurts thus clearing the dust from our hearts. Therefore, making way for our heartfelt intensions and desires, turning our story around.

This weekend I witnessed breakthrough after breakthrough in women as we gathered and confided, trusted in each other and set ourselves free from guilt and shame and hangovers of the past. We harnessed the power to KNOW that we can reclaim our power on a daily basis with the ‘Bloom Girl’ toolkit and grow, bloom and flourish in all areas of our life. Together we found our bloomprint.

We are able to achieve this by letting go and learning to forgive ourselves and others. We relearn the power of unity and community, remembering at a deeper level, a conscious level that we cannot journey on our own. Born a Leo, I took my first steps at 10 months, I was a strong determined little girl, a high achiever, this developed into an over achiever and self reliance that eventually burnt me out. It was then, I would seek another way, I learnt to reach out ask for help, trust others and accept support to heal from the inside out.

The unfolding of the bloom, the becoming, the friendships is an essential element of the dismantling of patriarchy as we learn to trust one another again as strong women and connect with the abundance of the divine feminine within and available to everyone.

Confidence Coach

Strong Women Support One Another

This process takes my breath away and I am always moved to tears by the healing experience, energy shifts and upleveling that each and every women gifts to themselves and others around them. Love and connection in this way is fundamental to living a life with joy and balance and a real sense of fulfillment. We never have to do it on our own.

As women we are capable of multiple breakthroughs …

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