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My Top Money Mindset Cheat Sheet Tips

Catriona Jones February 6, 2022 0 comments 0

We are calling in the money because abundance is our birth right

Today I am sharing with you the 4 most important aspects of your relationship with money.

  1. Communication

Reflect on how you actually communicate with money, if it were a person how would it think and feel (in relation to you)?

Write an open letter to money expressing all your emotions around it.


  1. Respect

Observe and journal on how you treat money daily, when you handle it, spend it, check up on it (eg online banking). When money shows up in your energy field whether it be physically or energetically as a thought, feeling or activity, do you treat it with love and respect and how can you modify this, to truly reflect it as someone you adore.


  1. Intimacy

Are you close and friendly with money?

How can you create ways to give money a better name and be more loving, tentative and playful towards money. (eg stroke the money notes, whisper loving and nurturing feedback as if it were a baby, store money in sight so you can connect regularly through soothing language of appreciation and touch)


  1. Trust

Remind money every day that you trust the ebb and flow of the universe, you believe in abundance and Divine timing.


Money Affirmations:

  • Money flows to me with ease
  • I love money and money loves me
  • Money finds me so irresistible
  • I am a money magnet
  • I receive money from delightful and unexpected sources
  • I help more and more people because of my love and trust in money.


Money and the universe feel the bigger picture I cherish and find me irresistible!


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