Imagine waking up every morning, not having to worry about time, energy or overwhelm again!


And enjoy your most meaningful life with freedom 

Catriona Jones BA QTS, MA Education 

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Farewell to exhaustion, overwhelm and stress
Hello to calm, confidence and happiness

Are you ready to take back control of your future and feel excited about life again?


I began reading about women working smarter, earning more money and being their own boss. 
They talked about meditation, spirituality and money mindset. 
Yes please, me too I thought. It was my time to turn my life around and to join the revolution of women playing bigger in the world.
I decided to throw everything at it, invest in me and get my life on track, once and for all. I discovered the best tools and techniques to accelerate my success. 
I decided to commit and made a conscious decision to go for it.
Today thankfully I run my own successful business, earn more than ever and teach in a way that lights me up.

Today thankfully I run my own successful business, earn more than ever and teach in a way that lights me up.

I discovered that you can have it all – be a high earner, a mother, and balance work and home and life!

Once upon a time I was that stressed out and burnt out professional, teaching full time with 2 small children and something had to give at the seams. Deep within me I knew there was another way, I caught glimpses of other women that looked radiant, relaxed and at ease.

I wanted to have it all, I wanted to have both worlds and didn’t want to abandon my talents and goals.  I yearned for the loving and nurturing home life and the ambitious driven career life TOO.

I know what it’s like to come home at the end of the day feeling absolutely exhausted with nothing to give to my husband and children ……. or me! Back then I was full of anxiety, living in my head and suffering from IBS.

I used these exact self-care tools to get out of this mess and get my life back in order.

I was all over the place... today I am more ZEN

Who am I today?

I am still that nurturing mother, loving wife and driven woman with an expertise in wellbeing and success coaching. I have non-negotiable daily practices that allow my day to flow, chaos free and make time for me.

Cultivating self-love via self-care in other professional women is my passion. This toolkit has been designed to lay the foundations for you so you can rebuild your balanced and fulfilled life too.

I believe that as women we deserve it all and more.

This is your time to alleviate stress, bring peace and balance into your life! You deserve it all my lovely and more

Take my client Amy, who was a burnt out professional when she came to me. She had chronic anxiety, disturbed sleep, low mood, she was eating the wrong foods, reaching for the glass of wine in the evening and feeling totally out of whack.

Constantly bombarded with deadlines in work – Amy was ambitious but struggling to hold down a relationship and now faced a health challenge.

Today she has turned the story around by implementing these exact self-care tools and finding instant Zen in 2 minutes flat at her desk. No longer a hot mess, she has scheduled her self-care routine that works effortlessly for her!

The day she decided to take care of herself was a big game changer for everyone in her life!

Amy is now calm, confident and happy at home and in work!

My Commitment to You 

I am fully committed to your heartfelt desire to change your life and lovingly hold space for you along the way with these proven techniques. 

You Will Receive

✓ ​ Toolkit – A tailor made self care toolkit designed for YOU

✓ ​Support – Weekly 15 minute check in

✓ ​Coaching – 1-1 60 minutes weekly

✓ ​Email support for 90 days

Group access to weekly zen tips, motivation and new techniques

Experience a supportive sisterhood of likeminded women

Podcast Relaxation and meditation podcast

✓​ Your Gift – Your very own personal Self Care goodie pack!

This is YOUR time! Calm is YOUR new super power

Imagine waking up every day excited about life, not having to worry about time, money or what people think about you.

Let’s talk so you too can live a beautiful life with purpose and freedom, doing what you love.

Investment £1500



“I was a successful busy corporate lawyer working in London but struggled with home life balance and felt lost and isolated.

Catriona helped me get back on track with my life. It is thanks to her inspiration and coaching I now run my own business that is growing from strength to strength. My personal life and inner contentment is transformed.

Nowadays I can ‘right myself ‘with the tools Catriona has taught me.”

Ally Young, Lawyer, London

Working with Catriona ignited my passion again giving me the nudge, and motivation to finally follow my desire to design and create my own Self Development Business.

I was able to identify barriers to my growth, overcome them and celebrate the distance travelled.”

Annmarie Houston

Community Network Officer of Blind People, Derry

” I was so lost without any clarity of purpose and lacked confidence in my ability to achieve. I knew I wanted to manifest more income and flexible working hours.

Working with Catriona and enrolling in The Zen Professional has given me great clarity on my life purpose and helped me land my dream job as I ambitiously design my own business. I feel balanced, confident and free.. ”

Danielle McCay, Finance Consultant, Manchester


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Wake up every day with a sense of purpose and feeling excited with life!

Catriona Jones Testimonial“I am clear about my purpose in life. Free from the stress of the corporate world and excited about my future. I love being my own boss and feel back in control of my life once again, balancing work and family life.

Catriona really helped me step out of my comfort zone into the magic, and more zen.”


Avril Mc Monagle

Early Childhood Consultant, Donegal

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